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Help with CQC Registration

With over 1100 Care Quality Commission (CQC) and other healthcare regulator registrations to date, LCS provides you with the security of a proven track record of success which no other organisation can match!

LCS will help and support you and your organisation through the CQC registration process including all aspects of application, specification of your service, production of documentation to meet the specific standards required whether you are a private doctor, GP practice, dental practice, acute hospital, hair transplant clinic or infertility unit.

We will provide personal support and training for you and your staff in understanding your duties and obligations under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and its associated regulations.

Our unbeatable and unrivalled regulatory compliance service is provided by experienced and qualified  healthcare professionals who understand the needs of you and your practice.

CQC Clinic / Hospital Registration Support

Details of the CQC process from
application to registration and beyond


Responsible Officer &

Suitable Person Services

We can help with Setting up Designated Bodies and with Responsible Officer Services


CQC Dental Practice Registration Support

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CQC GP Practice Registration Support

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CQC GP Registration


Professional, Experienced, Reliable.

LCS specialises in providing assistance to NHS Commissioning Groups, hospitals, clinics, private doctors, dental surgeons and other providers with the process of registration and compliance with Care Quality Commission requirements.

We provide consultancy and support to ensure that providers of healthcare services meet and maintain standards required for regulatory compliance.

Our success is based on our "under one roof" model. Unlike many other organisations we are qualified medical and healthcare professionals and so are able to understand your business and meet your needs “in-house”, without having to rely on others to fill the gaps!

LCS Healthcare - NewsFeed

GPs to take more responsibility for vulnerable patients

NHS England and the British Medical Association (BMA) have agreed to changes in GP contracts in relation to care provided to frail elderly patients.

One hundred thousand of the most frail patients in England will be identified and given a named GP to co-ordinate their care.

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Monitor warns closing Walk-in Centres will drive people to hard pressed A&E Departments

The NHS regulator, Monitor has warned today that closing NHS Walk-in Centres will drive people to hard pressed Accident and Emergency departments around the country.

Monitor reviewed the provision of walk-in centres and found that in the last 3 years 50 of the 230 units have been closed despite them being popular with the public. They surveyed 1900 patients who had attended a walk-in centre and ask them where they would have gone had it not open, 21% said they would have gone to A&E, while a third would have gone to their GP.


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NHS has a year to improve complaints accountability

A government commissioned inquiry said today that it was putting the NHS on notice to improve the accountability and transparency of its complaints handling procedures.

It said that there is a culture of delay and denial over complaints in England and this must come to an end.


- END -

25% of Hospitals in England are at risk of poor care

A review has found that 41 out of 161 trusts fell into the two highest risk categories. These latest finding were published as a result of the CQC’s new inspection regime with every trust inspected by a team of specialist and expert inspectors.


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Thousands of doctors could lose their license

The GMC wrote to 54,000 doctors at the end of last year as part of its "Making your Connection" campaign asking them to confirm their Designated Body and to nominate their Responsible Officer.

In September, nearly 8,000 doctors received a final notice letter advising them that they had 28 days to either confirm their Designated Body or to let the GMC know that they do not have one. If they fail to respond the GMC has said that it will take steps to remove the doctor's license to practice.

- END -

NHS could recover £500m from foreign visitor care

The Government announced today that it believes that the NHS could claw back up to £500 million a year from foreign nationals who use its services if it was better at charging them.

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Congratulations to LCS team members!

LCS would like to congratulate Philip & Nichola Dobson, two of its team members, on their outstanding success in passing the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from BPP University, London!

Philip and Nichola had already completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and over the last year have been studying hard for the the Legal Practice Course (LPC). The LPC and GDL together conclude the practical and academic component of training in law required for qualification as a solicitor.


- END -

Care Quality Commission - A new start!
17 October 2013

Over the last 6 months the CQC has started to put in place the “root and branch” changes to the way in which they regulate health and social care. The CQC has today published  its response to a recent consultation to the way in which it regulates and monitors care services.

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Complaints about doctors continue to rise.
16 October 2013

The GMC's third annual Statement of Medical Education and Practice report reveals that complaints about UK registered doctors rose by 24% last year to 8,109. This represents a rise of 100% since 2007.

The report also revealed that doctors reported more concerns about their colleagues in 2012, described by the GMC as a welcome change in culture in the medical profession where doctors are more willing to raise concerns about poor medical practice.

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CQC to consult on use of hidden cameras and mystery shoppers.
14 October 2013

The CQC has announced that it is intending to carry out a consultation in the spring of 2014 on the use of "mystery shoppers" and hidden cameras in the assessment of care homes as a way of promoting safety and quality. The idea is being raised as part of the CQC’s wide ranging review of the way that care establishments are inspected and regulated. They are conscious that the idea may put people’s privacy and dignity at risk.


- END -

Cosmetic Interventions Review Published!
24 April 2013

The Keogh Review has been published today but will it really help patients, let alone bring some order to the aesthetics industry?

The report makes many recommendations, however the two central pillars appear to be the formation of a register of providers and participation in an industry funded "cooperative style insurance policy". Those of us with a somewhat cynical attitude would possibly see at this stage that the outcome is identicle to that specified by the government at the beginning of the review and has more to do with saving money that protecting the public! - NewsFeed Link: HERE

Re-registration period coming to an end!
29th July 2010

If you are registered with the CQC under the Care Standards Act 2000 as an independent healthcare provider you should, by now have received the notification of your "window" to re-register under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The final date for submission of re-registration applications for the last group is the 27th of August. Anyone who has not returned the transitional application form by that date will not be transferred on the 1st October and will probably have to go through a full new registration at considerable time, effort and expense.

If you are currently registered and have not received your transfer application window by now you should call the CQC and request the application immediately.

Those who are new to scope for regulations under the HSCA 2008 have until the 1st of August to submit an application, after this date the CQC will not guarantee that providers can continue to operate if they are not registered by the 1st October - Hurry!

- END -

CQC Registration for Healthcare Professionals using Lasers & Lights
07th July 2010

LCS Healthcare understands that after reconsideration of the scope of registration for use of lasers and lights for the treatment of disease, disorder or injury the CQC is about to announce new guidance. It is expected that the guidance will state that where any treatment of disease, disorder or injury is carried out using lasers or lights and a healthcare professional is using their professional title (Dr, Nurse etc) then all of these treatments must be registered with the CQC as a regulated activity.

This re interpretation is a significant turnaround for the CQC who had previously indicated that a healthcare professional could carry out treatments using lasers and lights while acting as a "beautician" and thereby be exempt from registration. This latest decision is in line with LCS Healthcare's own interpretation of the regulations. We believe that contrary to the CQC expectations, this change of position will have a significant impact upon the healthcare sector and could lead to a significant rise in the number of healthcare professionals required to register with the CQC.

The official announcement is expected in the next few weeks.

- END -

Free Registration with the CQC between 1st July and 1st October!!
29th June 2010

Those of us “geeks” who follow the “goings on” at the CQC were surprised to see an entry on the website and supported by the CQC Fees Statement, which stated that between 1st July and 1st October 2010 no fee would be payable for application under the new Act, but after 1st October the fees would be reinstated at the previous levels! You can imagine the excitement this generated in some clients who decided to aim for the fee free window to apply for registration.

After confirming our interpretation of the documents was correct with the CQC registration helpline who assured us that all application between 1st July and 1st October were free, we were still left thinking that this seemed to be too good to be true. We decided to run this by one of the senior staff at the CQC who replied to say that the reason no fee was payable during this period is because the CQC have no legal power to grant any registrations of any sort during this period, which means that no fees can be accepted (although the application packs can still be submitted in the new format) and that all applicants will be asked to pay the application fee AFTER the 1st October.

So sorry folks, as with anything in life which seems to be too good to be true, it was – no freebies from the CQC!

- END -



Extension to CQC Window for Re-Registration of Existing Healthcare Providers

25th June 2010

The CQC has confirmed that they have now completed week 12 of the 15 week window for re-registration of existing healthcare providers. This was originally due to be complete by 1st July however the final group of existing providers will have their window of application from 29th July. This will mean that the CQC is expecting to close the re-registration process by the 21st August. Any existing organisation not having submitted a re-registration application by this date will not be guaranteed a registration by the 1st October.

If you have not yet been contacted by the CQC and asked to apply for re-registration you should contact either the CQC or your own inspector to ensure that you are in the queue!

- END -




New to Scope Registration - IMPORTANT DATE

15th June 2010

This update applies to what the CQC call "new to scope" service providers. This means any provider who was not previously registerable but who will be from 1st October (treatment of disease, disorder or injury, surgery, drug treatment centres etc). If this category applies to you then you must be aware that you only have until 1st August to submit your application for registration if you want to take advantage of the CQC amnesty from liability to prosecution for carrying on a services, if you are not fully registered by 1st October.

Provided that you have submitted your application by 1st August 2010, even if the CQC has not registered you by 1st October, you will be allowed to continue to provide services without fear of prosecution, while your application is completed. Get your applications in soon!

- END -


Re-Registration for All!

20th April 2010

You should be aware that under the regulations for registration with the Care Quality Commission, between April and October this year, ALL establishments, currently registered with the CQC, will be required to re-register. You will requiered to complete a new online application form and declare compliance with the new ESQS. From this the CQC will determine your new grade of registration. Clients should contact LCS for guidance.

- END -

CQC in Confusion

18th December 2009

The CQC have unofficially accepted that the scope of the new regulations for healthcare in England has taken them by surprise. We understand that the staff at the Commission are working around the clock in order to determine exactly who will and who will not be covered and therefore required to register under the new regulations. We have already pointed out to the CQC that these regulation place healthcare professionals at a disadvantage compared to beauty therapists who have no formal medical qualifications and who, from October next year will be able to perform extensive and invasive procedures without any form of regulatory supervision. No one at the CQC was available for comment.

- END -


New Regulation for Healthcare Professionals

17th November 2009


The Department of Health has published the draft regulations to replace the Private and Voluntary Heath Care Regulations (England) 2001 from October 2010. The new regulations should deeply concern all healthcare professionals as they will impact on all aspects of their work making a considerable number of treatments registerable which are currently exempt!

- END -



Master's Degree in Cosmetic Medicine               

21st October 2009

Another astounding success for our sister company LCS Academy in the launch of the UK’s first Master’s Degree in Cosmetic Medicine. The course will be open only to independent prescribing healthcare professionals. The first modules will be available from January 2010 and full details of the course and a prospectus can be found on the LCS Academy website:  www.lcsacademy.co.uk

 - END -


IHAS Launches Injectable Treatments Registration!             

23rd February 2010


IHAS (Independent Healthcare Advisory Services) today announced the launch of the new registration scheme for injectable cosmetic treatments. The IHAS Quality Mark is aimed at providing reassurance to the public about the level of service they will receive from registered clinics and the professionals providing treatments. LCS Healthcare can provide you with assistance in the registration process and systems to ensure compliance with the new Cosmetic Standards.

- END -




Time to think about the new regulations!                               

22nd February 2010

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2009 will come in to force on the first of October 2010. All healthcare professionals providing treatments for “disease, disorder or injury” will have to register with the CQC starting from April and must be registered BEFORE 1st October - otherwise they will not be able to continue treating patients. ALL currently registered establishments must re-register with the CQC between April and October!

 - END -



CQC “turns tail” on Laser Deregulation!                                         

January 2009

The CQC has amended its website to reflect the fact that contrary to their previously held belief, the new regulations for healthcare professionals from October 2010 WILL require regulation of laser and light systems when used by Healthcare Professionals for the treatment of “disease, disorder or injury”

- END -



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