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My Responsible Officer

Designated Body, Responsible Officer & GMC Suitable Person Services

LCS can help organisations and doctors with their revalidation needs.


We can help with the creation and recognition of Designated Bodies to provide the framework in which doctors working for an organisation can be revalidated.


All organisations who are Designated Bodies under the Regulations are required to nominate or appoint a Responsible Officer, where they have a prescribed connection to one or more medical practitioners for the purposes of making revalidation recommendations to the GMC.

If you are a Designated Body, having a few doctors with whom you have a prescribed connection, you will find the process of appointing a Responsible Officer “in house” and putting in place the necessary systems and procedures costly in terms of both staff resources and money, as well as daunting from a logistical view point.


Through our sister organisation, MYRO ( we provide an external Responsible Officer service. This service allows organisations to appoint our RO to take on the role within their Designated Body, allowing the organisation to save costs in both time and money as well as relieving them from the policies, procedures, paperwork and administration of running the Designated Body themselves.

What do we do?

Communicate directly with the doctors in relation to their revalidation and appraisal requirements


Liaise with appraisers (we work closely an independent appraisal provider in a number of DBs and have access to their appraisal software for the purposes of assessment of annual appraisals)


Identify and provide advice and support to doctors where there are shortcomings in information or evidence.


Manage the making of revalidation recommendations


Preparation of returns and information to NHS England

Deal with appointment as RO - letter, job description etc.


Draw up the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance


Liaise with GMC and NHS England in the administration of the DB


Set up database for doctors information (appraisal and revalidation recalls etc)


Collect all information from the doctors and ensure all accurate and complete

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